Vulnerabilidad en la Creatividad

Este post no esta directamente relacionado a la creatividad en lo académico pero creo que es un tema importante y sobre todo me hizo reflexionar sobre lo que es ser creativ@. Hace unos días participe de un genial taller sobre felicidad organizado por la Chevening acá en Londres. No solo tuvimos la oportunidad de compartir … Continue reading Vulnerabilidad en la Creatividad


Design Thinking Reflective Essay

The first part of our Design Thinking module was to learn about different theories and how to apply to our different projects. I started to think about design thinking even for my life sometimes. It has been a trend for the past few years and as Hagerman (2017) points out, it has been implemented in … Continue reading Design Thinking Reflective Essay

Sustainability. Understanding the cause behind our brand.

Throughout our journey with Edamame Pod we went through many stages and iterations of it. What we always knew from the beginning was that we wanted to help our planet in some way. We decided to take the sustainable approach. Something simple as our plastic use in everyday life. Since the UK is trying to … Continue reading Sustainability. Understanding the cause behind our brand.